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The P-47 Thunderbolt was the heaviest single seat fighter of WWII serving in Europe and the Pacific theater. Nicknamed the ‘Jug’, it was one of the best fighter-bombers of the war. Huge for a fighter, it was very fast and it had excellent high altitude performance. Heavily armored and rugged it could, if needed, out dive any fighter the Japanese or Germans possessed. Some of the highest scoring American aces flew the P-47, most of them being in the European theater. Thunderbolts were used extensively as ground support attack aircraft. Exceptionally rugged, P-47’s could take a lot of battle damage and still bring its pilot home safely. With the arrival of the P-47N, with a long range of almost 2,000 miles, the Thunderbolts flying from Okinawa could finally see some air-to-air action over Southern Japan. If used to its maximum potential, the P-47 could defeat any Japanese or German fighter put in the air. After the war, Thunderbolts saw continued action with foreign Air Forces.

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