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The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker was developed as a replacement to the KC-97. The U.S. Air Force needed a jet tanker to be able to refuel its new fleet of B-52 Jet Bombers. Its first flight was in 1956 and entered service in 1957. The KC-135 is similar in appearance
to its sibling, the Boeing 707 Airliner, however, it is slightly narrower and shorter than the 707. The U.S. Air Force ordered 732 for the Strategic Air Command, but numerous other varieties of the aircraft were developed as well. There are also four other countries that fly the KC-135 for their nations Air Force. With over 50 years of continuous service, the KC-135 will continue to fly for active duty units including a large number with the Air Force Reserves and the National Guard. The Boeing Aircraft Co. will soon be building its
replacement, the KC-46A, the military version of the commercial aircraft 767. However, the Air Force has no immediate plans to retire the KC-135.

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